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Test Purchases

Verify infringements through anonymous purchases, get inspection reports, and collect strong evidence.

Ultra-fast Inspection

Extensive Reports

Global Coverage


Reveal counterfeiters and non-compliant sellers of your network.

Test purchase is a powerful brand protection tool that verifies sellers, collects evidence, ensures compliance, identifies areas for improvement in your supply chain, and strengthen your overall brand protection strategy.

All to secure your brand equity and client's trust.

Test or Trap Purchase Solutions

We purchase the suspected product to analyze its authenticity and trace shipping to detect diversions within the supply chain. As a result, we prepare an evidential report for enforcement or litigation.

Online Purchase

Place anonymous online orders to receive goods for further inspection.

Product Inspection

Analyze and document received items to verify their authenticity.

Offline Purchase

Conduct anonymous test purchase in a physical store.

Evidence Documentation

Obtain evidence and inspection reports of test purchases.

Shipment tracing 

Track item movement to uncover supply chain diversions.

Parcel Forwarding

Receive anonymously purchased items delivered to your address.

Keeps Your Brand Secure

Protect your business from counterfeiting, supply chain fraud, make sure your partners are compliant and collect strong evidence against offenders.

Identify infringments

to check suspicious sellers and take actions against your offenders

Inspect counterfeits

to learn more about how counterfeiters copy your products.

Verify partners and sellers

to enforce against non-compliant sellers and secure your network

Empower brand protection 

to fight offenders more effectively and increase the ROI of your actions.

Collect strong evidence

to build solid legal cases and get infringers paid for harming your brand 

Find areas to improve

to fix internal problems revealed during the test purchase.

Stop distribution diversions

to secure your supply chain from possible diversions or disruptions

Get competitive advantage

to develop business strategies based on gained insights.

Obtain Insights You Require

Our reports contain all the necessary information gathered during the test purchase process. You’ll see the final product in detail and how it is being delivered. These reports are available for both litigation and non-litigation purposes.

global test purchase coverage for brand protection

Technical specs

Purchase details

Payment receipts

Product dimensions

Packaging overview

Listing information

Payment confirmations

Parts and blueprints

Photos & videos

Business information

Delivery notes

Product Specifications

Seller information

Payment Invoices

Shipping labels

... and many more!

How It Works

We receive the order, inspect the product, prepare and send you the report, and then forward the package to your address.



Conduct anonymous purchase from a suspected seller and receive a parcel.



Determine authenticity, dimensions, materials, and other relevant information.



Document the purchase process and inspection results, send report to client.



Ship the examined product and collected evidence to the client's address.

Comprehensive Reports and Solid Evidence

Our reports are well-structured, with concise summaries and robust photo and video evidence. The reports are available in both online and offline formats and can be used for legal and non-legal purposes.

In addition, they are tailored to your needs - we can add any additional data you need to the reports.​

3-day Report Delivery

Video & Photo Evidence

Litigation Ready

Fast Results All Over the World

Our investigations and test purchases cover more than 70 countries.

You will receive our report within three days after your order is delivered to any of our offices.

  • Europe: 31 country

  • Asia: 19 countries

  • Americas: 8 countries

  • Africa: 5 countries

We assist you in fulfilling your needs across international borders and various jurisdictions.

3-day Inspection

Truly Global Presence

Parcel Forwarding

Intelligence Dashboard

You will have direct access to the database and to a custom built dashboard with metrics that are important to you.


This is an awesome tool for tracking and processing your test purchases and investigations.

It provides you with an overview of your entire investigation and test purchase processes, including all associated costs as well as detailed information on individual service.


All data and dashboards are accessible 24/7.

Tailored Dashboards

Evidence and Reports

Easy costs overview

One-Stop Brand Protection Solution

A comprehensive approach to protecting your brand, covering all aspects from identifying and taking down online infringements, to conducting investigations and test purchases.

No Need to Allocate Resources

Lightning-fast Results

Trusted by Top Brands

Global Coverage

24/7 Software Monitoring

Dedicated Team

End-To-End Solution


Enforcements per Month


Avg. Takedown Time


Removal Success Ratio


Countries Covered

Real-time Protection

Data Intelligence

Global Partnerships

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How Infringers Harm Your Business? 

The consequences of counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement have devastating effects on business:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about test purchases. Gain a better understanding of the topic and find out if it is relevant to your business.