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Content Protection Solution

Automatically track and remove illegal copies of your digital assets to protect the value of your works.

Fully Automated

Extensive Reports

Global Coverage

unauthorizedUSE DETECTED

Get rid of fakes online once and forever.

A proven anti-piracy solution that protects your copyrighted work worldwide. We detect and remove digital fakes by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, experts with decades of experience and a vast network of investigators and specialists worldwide.

This happens automatically in the background without the need to allocate any resources from you.

Digital Content We Protect

Our solution is designed to protect any copyrighted work worldwide that might be affected by piracy, including:

Video Content

Movies, TV shows, video-on-demand, YouTube videos, etc.


Computer & mobile apps, credentials and software keys, etc.

Educational Content

Textbooks, courses, webinars, lectures, tests and quizzes, etc.

Audio Content

Music, audiobooks, podcasts, voiceovers, sound effects, etc. 


Articles, posts, e-books, magazines, comics, catalogs and manuals, etc.

Digital Art 

Illustrations, photographs, NFTs, artworks, 2D or 3D graphics, etc.


Computer games, mobile games, online games, AR or VR games, etc.

Digital Identity

Social media profiles, digital certificates, usernames, etc.

and more!

Other types of digital content that might be affected by piracy.

Threats We Protect You Against

We protect your brand from all types of product piracy. The most common types of infringement include the following:

Copyright infringements

use of your photos, videos or any other assets without your permission

Trade dress or brand abuse

unauthorized use of your brand name, trademark, logo or look and feel 

Impersonation or identity theft

if someone pretends to be you or provides false information.

Online scam or fraud 

deceiving your customers online for financial gain by using your reputation.

Cybersquatting or typosquatting

using a name similar to yours to take advantage of your brand.

Design infringements

reproduction of a protected design or look of your brand

Trademark infringements

use of a trademark that is the same or similar to your registered trademark.

Other types of piracy

such as domain name speculations, rogue or imitation websites, etc.

Platforms We Cover

Detecting digital fakes worldwide, at all types of platforms. If we couldn't find an IP infringement - it means that it just does not exist.

global anti-piracy coverage


Search Engines

Video Platforms

File-sharing Apps

Social Media

Paid Search

E-commerce Apps

Online Stores


Ad Networks


Auction Apps


Mobile Apps


Dark Web

How It Works

Four comprehensive steps for complete content protection that run seamlessly in the background without requiring your attention.



Continuously monitor and collect suspicious listings from all over the internet.



Evaluate detected infringements, gather evidence and prepare enforcement strategy.



Remove violations and prevent sellers from the ability to infringe your IP in the future.



Update the database, so you can easily track progress using real-time dashboards.

Spotting Fakes Anywhere

We use cutting-edge technologies to reveal illegal copies of your content worldwide, leaving offenders no chance to hide.

Smart Crawler

collects and transforms data into actionable intelligence

Image Recognition

identifies logos, similar products, colour patterns and shapes

VPN & Proxy Network

simulates real customers from various countries

Risk Assessment by AI

analyzes data and measures risk to reveal infringements

Prioritization Algorithm

keeps focus on the most harmful infringements first

Continuous Monitoring

to detect and remove fakes before they will be sold


Blocking Offenders Without Mercy

Our strategy for termination is tailored to each specific case, considering the source, type of violation, and platform’s cooperation level. 

Our enforcement actions:

Warning letters

Take down website

Remove listings

Delete apps

Ban sellers

Cut off payment options