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Global Investigations

Trace the root cause of the problem. Identify the key offenders and shut them down once and for all.

Fast Investigations

Extensive Reports

Global Coverage

Reveal the identity of the biggest threats to your business.

Investigative solutions strengthen your brand protection by identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. We conduct deep and complex investigations, test purchases, and help you stop the most persistent infringers.

Obtain strong evidence without any hassle. Worldwide.

Tailored Investigative Solutions

From field investigations and test purchases to parallel import protection and seller tracking - our services are designed to meet all your brand protection needs in one place.

Field Investigation

Track counterfeit rings, identify key offenders, and see the big picture.

Test or Trap Purchases

Verify sellers, collect evidence, make sure your partners are compliant.

Targeted Investigation

Get insights about specific offenders and close counterfeit factories.

Seller Tracking reports

Find out who is not fulfilling your terms and contract requirements.

Parallel Import monitoring

Reveal sellers that import & trade your products without permission.

Trend reports

Predict and prevent infringers actions in advance.

Strengthen Your Brand Protection

We allow you to see the big picture of the problem, trace key infringers, build legal cases, shut down counterfeit factories, keep your partner network secure & compliant, and increase the ROI of your brand protection in general.

Close counterfeit factories

to cut the root cause of the problem and prevent the spread of fakes

Verify your network

to discover more suspicious companies and linked individuals.

Build strong legal cases

to sue violators and get them paid for harming your brand

Build landscape Awareness

to observe patterns to anticipate actions that violate rights.

Empower brand protection 

to fight offenders more effectively and increase the ROI of your actions.

Stop fraudulent networks

to address the fundamental source of illegal activities.

Prevent Grey

to secure your partner network by enforcing non-compliant sellers.

Make informed decisions

to act quickly and always be one step ahead of the infringers.

Uncover Any Data You Need

We can deconstruct the entire organization of your offender, reverse engineer their supply chain, uncover distribution, reveal clients they are closely working with, and find information regarding manufacturers they buy their parts from.

Worldwide investigation for brand protection activities

Factories address

Shipping channels

Online Presence

Related companies

Photo&Video Evidence

Related Suppliers

Legal Information

Connected Partners

Offices locations

Regular Customers

Trademarks & Patents

Production facilities

Distribution Channels

Management Board

Employees Information

... and much more!

How It Works

Four comprehensive steps for extensive investigation reports that allows you to identify and cut the route cause of the problem:



Determine the best approach to reach the goals and create the investigation strategy.



Collect and compile relevant data and evidence by conducting investigation research.



Evaluate gathered data to identify patterns, connections, and potential leads.



Document and present insights and conclusions clearly and concisely.

Advanced Investigation Methods

By combining manual methods with modern technologies and frameworks, we create infringer profiles that match digital fingerprints with personal identifiers and other data points.

Our investigations do not raise suspicion or cause conflicts.

Global Data Mining

AI-powered Analyzing Tools

Investigative Databases