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Protect your brand from fakes

We detect and remove IP infringements. Without any effort on your part.

Vast Expertise


Global Coverage


brand protection

We cover everything from identifying and removing high-volume of online infringements to conducting global investigations and test purchases worldwide.

Without allocating any resources from your side.

Detecting IP Infringements Everywhere

Uncovering every single violation across thousands of online platforms worldwide, even before they reach consumers.

Smart Crawler

collects and transforms data into actionable intelligence

Image Recognition

identifies logos, similar products, colour patterns and shapes

VPN & Proxy Network

simulates real customers from various countries

Risk Assessment by AI

analyzes data and measures risk to reveal infringements

Prioritization Algorithm

keeps focus on the most harmful infringements first

Continuous Monitoring

to detect and remove fakes before they will be sold


Blocking Offenders Without Mercy

Our strategy for termination is tailored to each specific case, considering the source, type of violation, and platform’s cooperation level. 

Our enforcement actions:

Warning letters

Take down website

Remove listings

Delete apps

Ban sellers

Cut off payment options

Remove web pages

Exclude from search engines

Delete paid ads

Cease and desist letters

DMCA removals

Collaborate with law agencies

and more!

If necessary, we can also involve investigators or conduct test purchases to gather evidence and take appropriate action successfully and efficiently.

Truly Global Coverage

Eliminating IP infringements from all online platforms globally.
Conducting investigations and test purchases in over 60 countries.


Partner Network

Partner Network

All Types of Platforms

Partner Network

Partner Network

Partner Network

Partner Network

Partner Network

Book A Demo to See It In action!

Chat with an IP protection expert.

Schedule a call with us and we'll work with you to understand your specific needs and create a tailored solution for you. 

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