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Brand Protection for Amazon

AI platform that detects and removes fakes, scam content, and copyright infringements on Amazon.

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The fakes you see are just the tip of the iceberg.

Deep learning-powered brand protection and domain monitoring solution that detects and takes down counterfeits, fakes, phishing sites, scam content, and copyright infringements across the internet. Globally.

And works without allocating any resources from your side.

One-Stop Brand Protection Solution

A comprehensive approach to protecting your brand, covering all aspects from identifying and taking down online infringements, to conducting investigations and test purchases.

Lightning-fast Results

Trusted by Top Brands

No Need to Allocate Resources

Global Coverage

24/7 Software Monitoring

Dedicated Team

End-To-End Solution


Enforcements per Month


Avg. Takedown Time


Removal Success Ratio


Countries Covered

Real-time Protection

Data Intelligence

Global Partnerships

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