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#1 Brand Enforcement Solution

Full-cycle online brand protection solution that protects you from counterfeiters, piracy, copycats, and other types of threats.

Vast Expertise


Global Coverage


The fakes you see are just the tip of the iceberg

AI-powered brand protection solution that safeguards your reputation & revenue and protects your customers against frauds, fakes, replicas, counterfeits, look-a-likes, impersonations, and online scams.

Don't let unauthorized sellers hurt your brand reputation and steal your profits.

Detects IP Infringements ​Everywhere

Uncovering every single violation across thousands of online platforms worldwide, even before they reach consumers.

Smart Crawler

collects and transforms data into actionable intelligence

Image Recognition

identifies logos, similar products, colour patterns and shapes

VPN & Proxy Network

simulates real customers from various countries

Risk Assessment by AI

analyzes data and measures risk to reveal infringements

Prioritization Algorithm

keeps focus on the most harmful infringements first

Continuous Monitoring

to detect and remove fakes before they will be sold


Blocks Offenders Without Mercy

Based on each case, our solution chooses the best way to remove infringement and ban the seller. Works in the background without taking any time from you.

Automated enforcement actions:

Warning letters

Take down website

Remove listings

Delete apps

Ban sellers

Cut off payment options

Remove web pages

Exclude from search engines

Delete paid ads

Cease and desist letters

DMCA removals

Collaborate with law agencies

and more!

Truly Global Coverage

Monitors, reveals, and eliminates IP infringements from all online platforms globally.

You can finally stop counterfeiters from stealing your revenue and abusing your brand across any website, social media, marketplace, paid ad, mobile app worldwide. allows you to recover your revenue. And cut off fraudsters. Once and for all.

1000+ Marketplaces

Shopping Apps

Paid Search and Ads

Standalone Websites


Social Media Platforms

Domains in all extentions 

Search Engines

...and other platforms!

Reports That Deserve Your Attention

Easy-to-use and comprehensive tracking system: from detecting and enforcing online infringements to local investigations and test purchases.

Infringements Database

We store more than 25 fields of data about every infringement

Custom Made Dashboard

We add metrics and KPIs that are important to you

Monthly Summaries

Key numbers, insights and takeaways delivered to your inbox

One-Stop Brand Protection Solution

A comprehensive approach to protecting your brand, covering all aspects from identifying and taking down online infringements to conducting investigations and test purchases.

No Need to Allocate Resources

Lightning-fast Results

Trusted by Top Brands

Global Coverage

24/7 Software Monitoring

Dedicated Team

End-To-End Solution


Enforcements per Month


Avg. Takedown Time


Removal Success Ratio


Countries Covered

Real-time Protection

Data Intelligence

Global Partnerships

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See how to protect your brand automatically from scammers in just 15 minutes. Book your demo now to get a month free.

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See how to protect your brand automatically from scammers in just 15 minutes. Request your quote now to get a month free.

Claim Your 1-Month Free Now

Request a quote till the end of this month and get a 1-month free!

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